About Us

Central to the success of Torres East LA Performing Arts Magnet’s curriculum is the understanding that the Performing Arts are core subjects, with equal standing in programming, funding and instructional focus relative to the traditional core subjects of English Language Arts, Mathematics, History, Social Sciences, World Languages and Science. In addition, our school is composed of teachers who are committed to using the Performing Arts as a source of context for learning in all subject areas. Teachers and staff are also committed to enhancing the Social Emotional Learning of students. Torres East LA Performing Arts Magnet teachers will work to master and implement Performing Arts integration and learning strategies in all content areas, where appropriate. It is our belief that the performing arts are the key to academic rigor and success for students who select a school that focuses on the Performing Arts for their high school years. With this understanding, ELAPA Magnet classes will be student-centered, highly interactive, and have a discernible Performing Arts emphasis. Student-teacher engagement is crucial to all that we do. In addition to our commitment to arts-centered learning, we are committed to differentiating instruction to match student learning needs. We believe in providing equal opportunities through high quality instruction, Equitable Grading Instruction, and access to AP honors courses.